[M/s 365] Ask Us Anything – Crickets chirping and search terms


Y’all must be really afraid to ask questions, or we’ve done a really good job (or bad job) of filling you in on our M/s life. Crickets are chirping with no questions… 🙂

Well, we promised that we’d share the search terms that brought people to our blog… with a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 commentary…

slave angie – slave Angie is now a search term! And a popular one at that. She’ll become a Fetlife fetish if this keeps up. 🙂

mr. chicago leather 2015 – not surprising – with all the guys looking for the beefcake. Wait till IML comes around.

tumblr slavesharing – Not sure how that came here, but it’s a very fun fantasy… and I might consider it… (listens to slave Angie saying “ummm… really?” in the background.)

master slave ritual protocols – I wonder what people find and think of when they read about our rituals? Maybe leave a page up with some really crazy ideas? Maybe from The Daily Flogger?

slaves pray to master – that’s kinda hot. And not in the “Oh Master, please don’t look over there…” kinda way.

what slave master look like – like this…

20131109-IMG_5027 or this… 2014 Winter MTKF-350

(I bet that’s not what they were looking for…)

24/7 micromanaged slave – oh ye gods. No thank you.

ring of steel stealth collar – I get a lot of hits on this – maybe I should get an affiliate paycheck. Hey RoS, where’s my $2.00?

eternity collars ring of steel – our post on using the loctite to keep the screws from walking in the eternity collars is the most read post on this blog. Glad we could help!

rule #8 stfu – Rule 8 will now live on in Google search infamy!

See you in February!

Published by

Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

4 thoughts on “[M/s 365] Ask Us Anything – Crickets chirping and search terms”

  1. I think the two of you are gorgeous. But yeah, you are not what the ‘nillas imagine when they hear the phrase “Master & slave”, although most ‘nillas don’t realize that people in the BDSM community are full human beings (i e we’re not hitting each other with whips/electrocuting each other with cattle prods 24/7/365, that we actually do a lot of the same things EVERYBODY ELSE DOES, like read the morning paper, bitch about ever-rising gas and/or home heating prices, buy groceries, raise kids, worry about money, wonder why the car is making that clanking noise, dread Sunday dinner with the in-laws, have ‘straight’ or ‘square’ jobs because we have to pay the bills). I’m a Little (really a Middle/Lolita), not a slave, but I’m also a 37 year old grown woman. I’ve been asked how I can be a Little and go on a job interview (not only can I interview but I have a Master’s degree and can hold down a job, being a Little is my BDSM title, is who I am in my romantic life, but if I have an office job when I’m at the office I’m a goddamn grown up from 9-5).

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    1. Thank you for the nice comment 🙂

      I have to agree, especially with the small niche that M/s occupies, we hear a lot about the misconceptions of what M/s “is” and “should be.” That’s part of what this is all about, to say “There’s not a cookie cutter to this…” especially for something that wraps around a relationship dynamic, as unique to each relationship as the proverbial “special snowflake.”

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