The M/s video – The ending you won’t like reading about

I wrote this past weekend about an Australian media interview of our friends Master Joe and slave Kim. It was a short 5 minute video and a very nice look at a loving Master/slave relationship. The video was posted to Facebook and generated a lot of really ugly, nasty comments, alongside a few nice ones.

I received an email from slave Kim with some terrible news. Although the video garnered over a million views, Master Joe and slave kim came under the barrage of hate mail, bullying mail, ranging from body shaming to going into their personal and parenting abilities. Their websites for their business (MJ’s Toybox, their sole means of income) as well as personal websites came under attack in attempts to remove them.

So SBS has removed the video, although, in the words of slave Kim – “the tv station made it clear they were under no obligation to take it down but they have respected my wishes to do so.” So kudos to SBS for doing that.

This is why I posted my thoughts this weekend, and why I continue to caution folks who want to have “Let’s shock the vanillas” Fifty Shades viewings at the theaters, why I think that even within the general BDSM/kink communities, M/s will continue to be on the edge. We can share and teach and be the example, but living on the edge has a price.

Master Joe and slave Kim showed a lot of courage to put that view of themselves out there, and I’m really sorry to hear of the attacks and nastiness that came their way. There may come a day when being kinky, living in erotic relationships with different power dynamics might not raise an eyebrow, but that day is not today. I have my own doubts about that, but we’ll see.

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Master Michael S

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14 thoughts on “The M/s video – The ending you won’t like reading about”

  1. Well I live in the US & don’t get Australian TV so I didn’t get to see the actual interview. But why would an M/s couple’s parenting skills be questioned by anyone? What, is there some pre-conceived notion that because they, as consenting adults, are into BDSM, they must also be sexually abusing their children? Because that’s just not true. Every day, all over the world, people in the BDSM community raise children, and they don’t sexually abuse their own or anybody else’s children.


      1. Rolls my eyes at that “anyone who is different” horseshit. My grandfather was, too all outward appearances, a normal retiree of 75, known to his neighbors as the guy who had nursed his late wife through a long battle with cancer, hell, he was well-liked among the other old folks in his apartment building the summer he raped me. Nobody thought he was “weird” or “different” but then again, nobody but me went into the bedroom with him and found out who & what he REALLY was.

        I say if the children of hat Australian M/s couple are clean, healthy, well-fed, don’t have any bruises or scars on them, then NOBODY SHOULD BE ACCUSING THE PARENTS OF ANY GODDAMN THING.


      2. I’m willing to let M/s couples live, raise children, and do pretty much whatever else they want to do. Me, I’m more of a DD/lg kind of girl, but hey, the sex is still fun.


  2. BDSM scares the hell out of people! Instead of doing research and finding out exactly how these “healthy” relationships work and how they can help each partner grow and learn about themselves, judgemental people take the easy way out. Condemn the thing wholesale and anyone who participates. That’s why I never talk to friends about my desires or interest in D/s relationships. You never know what their reaction will be. Unfortunately, it’s easier to stay silent and share one’s feelings here on WP or other sites where one can let their hair down. Kudos to you for sharing the video. Best wishes to all.

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    1. This has been true as long as I’ve been involved in the kink/BDSM/Ms communities. Coming out as kinky has huge risks. I still wonder if we’ll feel the brunt of it, with as out as we are about our Master/slave dynamic.


  3. That is sad to hear. People are afraid of what they don’t understand and Master Michael is right it has been that way a long time. People only see the surface and turn their heads in disgust. I am not afraid to be me and I take constant criticism, but in the end it feels nice not to keep a huge part of who i am hidden.

    Im sorry your friends had to endure such ignorant hate.


    1. I wonder if we’ll end up coming under the same fire as Master Joe and slave Kim. So far, even with being as out as we are, we’ve been very fortunate not to be picked up by mass media and subject to the same criticisms and hate. I do wonder if/when that will happen.


  4. Welp, looks like I’m staying in the closet! (Sad that this is still a thing…but it seems like it is.) For all the great strides we’ve made in recognizing and legalizing gay marriage, there are still so many lifestyles that people are bigoted and hateful about.


    1. @Tamarcat, very true that there are many lifestyles still seen on the edge – the haters are still hating.

      We’ve taken a “we’re not going to hide, but we’re not going to go on Oprah” approach. We want people to see a loving, supportive relationship, and then they can ask questions and find out more if they want to really know.


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