[M/s 365] In sync

Packing has always been a stressful experience, or at least it was the first few times we did it together. Over the past year, we’ve come to be a well-oiled packing machine. A combination of using our favorite list service, Cozi (http://www.cozi.com) and just the experience and trust. I can pack in under an hour for a 5 day trip, and slave Angie has learned her rhythm and how to use the tools to not forget things. I’ve learned to trust her, that she will get it done, and she’s learned to accept and cope with my Aspie-OCD tendencies. The melt-downs now are very few and far between. We still forget something now and then, it wouldn’t be a trip without something being forgotten, but by and large, we are in sync and on the roll.

That whole experience is a microcosm for how M/s operates in the long term, I think. It is very rare for an M/s relationship to fire on all cylinders right off the bat. Sure, there’s the New Relationship Energy thing going, all is shiny, but eventually that new shine gets rubbed off and the learning and growing takes on a new direction. Now this is for keeps and I think it is here where couples learn the ins-and-outs and what is going to make them be in sync. It takes time, energy, communication and by that, I mean real communication – the soul searching within one’s self to know and acknowledge what is going on, then the sharing of that and listening, really listening to the other. Sure, Master commands, slave obeys, to do that effectively and positively requires real effort, finding the tools that work, finding the internal mechanisms that help get one through the rough times.

Packing used to be chaotic, stressful, lots of expectations and energy spent on things that just didn’t work. But, that was part of the journey and learning experience. So too, the M/s dynamic. And just as we didn’t stop traveling, so too we don’t give up on our dynamic. The tough times are when it’s really worth it, the growth is possible and obstacle is just that… something to be overcome.

One of my personal dangers and struggles with being in sync is complacency. I get comfortable, I get locked into a particular thing (hello Elder Scrolls Online, or Skyrim, or Dungeins & Dragons, or stock car racing, or … ) and I will assume that the “in sync” is going OK. But like any other skill, practice makes perfect, and practice and exercise need to happen. Those skills we learn in being in sync, that energy and emotion where we have that connection and we “feel and do” without even being conscious we’re doing it, that all needs practice and not setting aside. I’ve learned that to my chagrin a few times in the past. So I know it is there and when slave Angie raises the “I’m missing you, Master” flag, I’ve learned to recognize it.

There is no other feeling like being in sync though. When the two move as one, when it is so effortless and we work together as a well-oiled machine. It just feeds my ya-ya on how I always pictured an erotic M/s relationship should be.

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Master Michael S

International Master 2014. Member of: Chicago Leather Club, Chicago Leathermen Group, MAsT: Greater Chicago. Longtime leatherman. One of the Four Horsemen.

5 thoughts on “[M/s 365] In sync”

  1. Packing is an event in and of itself, whether I’m going to Italy for six weeks (as I did when I was 19 on a study abroad program) or to Atlantic City for Boardwalk Badness (and sadly, while I behave badly every time I’m in Atlantic City, Boardwalk Badness is only a yearly event), or out to the Hamptons with family. I pack like I’m never to return home, taking everything I own, or, everything I can carry. “Do you NEED 8 pair of shoes, nine dresses, and a carton of cigarettes for two nights in the Hamptons?” My sister will ask as i endeavor to pack for our Hamptons weekend. Yes I need all that and MORE…like my makeup, my hair products, six handbags, a swimsuit (even though I won’t swim or go in the sun), my iPad. “Pack light” my friend Sophie tried to say, as we planned to attend Boardwalk Badness together. “We’re taking the little car & it’s you, me, & Rex” Rex is her longtime lover. And yet when they arrived to pick me up, there I was on the curb with two suitcases, a train case, and a handbag. She wanted to kill me. But she just said “You’ll never change”. I wanted to tell her I spent three days packing, but I don’t think she would’ve understood.


    1. Ha! Packing is indeed an adventure with a femme slave. We’ve learned that packing more means shlepping more, but on a weekend like this, we are very close to the baggage limit and I know that she would love to have a few extra pairs of shoes.

      Me…. 30 to 45 minutes and I’m done. Thank Uncle Sam for that learned behavior.

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      1. Ahhhh, a military man, you pack with precision. My youngest sister’s ex is a former Marine, and while they were dating, they went to Atlantic City one weekend & I tagged along because I wanted to enter a blackjack tournament. Dear Lord, traveling with that man was…only a man with a military background would, when traveling with two women, say, “I’ll be ready in five minutes” and then be ready five minutes later, shouting that he was the only one ready. Or announce, “we’re going to dinner at six” and then look surprised when he was the only one dressed at six & the two of us still not showered. I kept insisting he didn’t know how to vacation properly, he kept saying I didn’t know how to move my ass. But his bag was packed very efficiently, my sister did show me that, and she said something about how if I packed more like him everything would be easier. For who, I want to know.


      2. ” then look surprised when he was the only one dressed at six & the two of us still not showered. ”

        Dear Lord, you’ve been watching us, haven’t you? 11 years later and I’m *still* working on getting slave Angie to get ready on time. She is much, much better and does try her little heart out… but Uncle Sam taught that into me. Now… conversely, when I’m late, I’m REALLY late.


      3. I’m on time for the important things in life…work (the work day begins promptly at 9 am, my ass is at my desk at 8:59), Sunday dinner at my father’s house , I’m on time to babysit my niece & nephew. Vacation is LEISURE, and if I have to be rushed during my leisure time, I might murder three or four people.


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