[M/s 365] 50 Shades of Reality – the results

50ShadesofGreyCoverArtBack in August, I decided to read the trilogy “50 Shades of Grey.” The purpose of the reading was to learn the language, concepts and situations portrayed. Ultimately, by knowing those, I could speak to what was similar and different between the relationship portrayed by the novels and our own M/s relationship. It would make for a better conversation and perhaps I would find something to appreciate in the books. I have to admit that I went into this with some pretty big assumptions and bias. A vast majority of my friends in the M/s and leather community did not like the books. I had read very bad reviews and seen funny videos. Despite that, I went into the books with a “just the facts, ma’am” attitude.

After reading all three books, yes I read all three, I have the following results. I should warn you, there are spoilers in this post, so if you have not read the books yet and don’t want to know details, you might want to skip the rest of this post.

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[M/s 365] 50 Shades of reality

50ShadesofGreyCoverArt(Originally posted this on Facebook) I’m (we’re) going to do it…. I’m going to read 50 Shades. Yea, I know. No, really, I know. Trust me, I KNOW!

When I posted this to Facebook, I got many reactions as I expected – the “oh gawd, that book is t3hAWFUL!” but I also got some thoughtful notes from people looking at it the way I’m looking at it. I’ve lived through the time of the Beauty Series, of the movie “The Secretary” and the movie “The Pet” and we survived. I don’t see 50 Shades as being some sort of kink killer or permanent flood of kinky touristers, but I do see that will happen for a time. I was raised from a “kinkling” on education, on being open and honest to those who seek that path… so if someone comes into our world through this book, then I’d like to give them some lifeline away from the erotica and into what it really takes to make this sort of relationship work. Not that we have all the perfect answers, but we do have our answers for 11 years and counting…

If Angie and I are going to teach about the realities and journeys of Master/slave, if we’re going to have to translate between 50SoG-speak and our language, we have to know that language. With the movie coming out in February, interest in kinky relationships is going to increase dramatically. This presents opportunities for education, or perhaps just for helping people avoid doing something to their relationship that they might not be ready for, or think all the way through.

I know enough of the book, through reviews and readings, to get the general gist of the evolution of the (dysfunctional) relationship in it. So, if I can juxtapose our experiences in M/s and contrast/compare, this could serve as a 50 Shades of Reality. That was the purpose of this blog, but I can see where doing something more focused and accessible might be a good way to fulfill our job just a little bit more.

The things I do…

… so can I borrow a copy from someone? 🙂