The M/s video – The ending you won’t like reading about

I wrote this past weekend about an Australian media interview of our friends Master Joe and slave Kim. It was a short 5 minute video and a very nice look at a loving Master/slave relationship. The video was posted to Facebook and generated a lot of really ugly, nasty comments, alongside a few nice ones.

I received an email from slave Kim with some terrible news. Although the video garnered over a million views, Master Joe and slave kim came under the barrage of hate mail, bullying mail, ranging from body shaming to going into their personal and parenting abilities. Their websites for their business (MJ’s Toybox, their sole means of income) as well as personal websites came under attack in attempts to remove them.

So SBS has removed the video, although, in the words of slave Kim – “the tv station made it clear they were under no obligation to take it down but they have respected my wishes to do so.” So kudos to SBS for doing that.

This is why I posted my thoughts this weekend, and why I continue to caution folks who want to have “Let’s shock the vanillas” Fifty Shades viewings at the theaters, why I think that even within the general BDSM/kink communities, M/s will continue to be on the edge. We can share and teach and be the example, but living on the edge has a price.

Master Joe and slave Kim showed a lot of courage to put that view of themselves out there, and I’m really sorry to hear of the attacks and nastiness that came their way. There may come a day when being kinky, living in erotic relationships with different power dynamics might not raise an eyebrow, but that day is not today. I have my own doubts about that, but we’ll see.

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