Locking Ring collars/cuffs and setscrews – solution

Not one of the collars or cuffs by Eternity Collars or Ring of Steel.I’ve long enjoyed the look of the ring collars. I think they make a very bold statement and I’ve felt that they were a mark of permanence. I’ve been waiting for our 10 year anniversary to give her a ring collar and that time has come.

I started off with a titanium cuff from Eternity Collars. These cuffs are slightly oval. The titanium cuffs are light-weight and very strong. They come with a set screw that you use a hex/allen wrench to lock the cuff with. The hole for the set screw goes all the way through, though. For the collar, I purchased a ring collar from Ring of Steel. Farkas from Ring of Steel is very easy to deal with and we had a nice correspondence. The collar I purchased, the “Turian Style Stealth” is 1/4 inch stainless steel. I liked this collar because the set screw does not go all the way through, there’s a lip to where you can keep the screw pointing down and it looks like a solid ring from the top. Nice touch.

The problem with set screws, though, is that they’ll walk out of their threaded hole. Vibration and movement, heat changes, they will move. I’ve heard some folks using super glue, but that can present problems if you need to remove the collar for various reasons.

Having raced stock cars and doing my own wrenching for many years, the mechanic in me came up with a great solution – Blue 242 Locktite. It’s an adhesive/sealant for threads that will keep bolts, nuts, screws and – in this case – set screws from loosening. However, you can still break the seal with standard tools, so it’s not as potentially difficult as with super glue. It’s also less messy. You just need a drop on the lower threads of the set screw – screw it in, and although it might feel tight/sticky, that’s OK, keep threading. 10 minutes later, that little set screw stays in place.

It’s cheap and easy to find at any store that sells tools/hardware. Never lose that setscrew out of your collar again.

And I highly recommend the Ring of Steel collars. Very nice looking and the craftsmanship seems pretty top-notch.

"Be proud of who you are" – Raven Kaldera Keynote speech at MTTA 2013

“Tell other M/s couples (and triples, and households) how proud they ought to be, but especially go out and tell people who are doing it very differently than the way you’re doing it.” – Raven Kaldera

Interesting food for thought.