[M/s 365] This is why Master/slave will always be on the edge of kink

I found a video posted on Facebook of our friends Master Joe and slave Kim of Australia. It’s a mainstream media interview of them, and fairly positive, if you’re open to Master/slave relationships. Having spent time with them, the video is fairly representative of their dynamic and an M/s dynamic in general.


Update 3/2 – slave Kim has pointed me to the Youtube link for the same video. The comments (so far) are far more reasonable.

In a random sampling of the over 11 thousand comments made to the original Facebook post (as of 11am Sat CST), I’d say it runs about 10:1 negative.

Even in this day of Internet, widely available kinky information and groups, Fifty Shades (books and movies)… we’re seen as on the edge. As wrong. As abusive. This is not going to change. Fifty Shades is not going to bring about a revolution in terms of understanding and of acceptance. We are always going to be on the edge, those of us who practice Master/slave dynamics. Our dynamic is seen as something that is so abnormal that there clearly must be something very wrong with the participants.

That’s OK. Let the ones who were never going to be open to different things think that. I’ll educate the curious, the willing, the ones called to take this journey and the ones who want to know to be accepting. Those are the people I’m called to share with. I’ve never seen my job to be someone who makes M/s palatable to the masses. Only understood that our choice in our dynamic is most definitely 90% of the time not going to be yours… and that we’re the most happiest, fulfilled, hard-working couple you’ll ever meet. Because we are who we are.