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We have a passion to share with and learn from our M/s and leather families. It is that passion that has led us to make the commitment to encourage others to explore the potential with themselves. It is because of that commitment that we am grateful for the privilege of being a worldwide educator/presenter on topics of Master/slave dynamics and S/m, and to be able to attend events to learn and share.

We present the following classes and subjects involving our Master/slave dynamic, our S/m skills and our leather journey:


101 Level Classes

Mythbusting M/s

It’s myth-busting time in an open, frank way with NO explosions (awwww), but lots of laughter and (hopefully) a bit more education. So many myths and mysteries surround how people can live a 24/7 Master slave relationship, but the truth is out there!

Together, with the class serving as co-hosts for this very interactive class, Master Michael and slave angie will blow the doors and lids off of subjects such as:

  • A slave can NEVER say NO!
  • Masters are ALWAYS right!
  • A slave has NO SAY!
  • There is no love in M/s
  • Those Olde Guarde European training houses are real, right?!?

… and MORE! We’re sure to learn new myths from this class and we’re sure you will take away a clearer looking into our M/s, what has worked for us and how we continue to bust those myths on a day by day basis.

Slave Positions

A body, shaped by the will of another. A presentation, a ritual, a message of service and devotion from one human to another. If the sound of that gets you going, then you might consider enhancing your Power Exchange Dynamic with slave positions! Positions take advantage of two wonderful toys – the human mind and the human body. Putting someone into a position puts them in a place of usefulness, of beauty, of functionality or even of humiliation.

This class will cover:

  • protocols and positions
  • training and enhancing
  • examples of different positions
  • integrating positions into your dynamic and play

Master Michael and slave angie will share their joy of incorporating positions into their M/s dynamic. This class takes into consideration that we all are of many body types and “bendability” and explores the possibilities otherwise. We’ll be doing “hands on” (or knees-on) demos. Class members will be encouraged to come up with positions or use of positions on your own – this class is limited only by everyone’s imagination and participation!

M/s 101 – The Basics of an M/s relationship

Full Description coming in late 2014.

The concept for this class is:

What is Master/slave

What is authority vs. control

What is surrender vs. submission

What are protocols and rituals

How does sex fit in?

How does spirituality fit in?

(Take some of the misconceptions and create positives out them)

What does M/s look like for us 24/7/365

 No Rule Books, No Contracts – How we started our Master/slave relationship

Full Description coming in late 2014.

The concept for this class is:

How we started our M/s relationship

Our previous experiences

What we did early on

How we developed our protocols and rituals

What mistakes did we make and what did we learn

How would we have done it had neither of us had any experience

Common struggles we’ve seen around the community

 201 Level Classes

Service – Giving and receiving 24/7

The stress, natural ebbs and flow and distractions of Life often can present challenges to a service-based relationship. What we started off wanting out of service may change as we ourselves change and as the relationship changes and evolves.

This class is geared towards exploring what it means to give and receive service in a long term 24/7 relationship. The class covers topics such as:

  • How service evolves and changes in the long term;
  • Facing the challenges to service – ebbs/flows, life changes, relationship changes;
  • Upgrading the service relationship.

Master Michael and slave angie share their stories and lessons-learned from their eleven year Master/slave relationship throughout the discussion. It is recommended, but not required, that participants have some experience in service-oriented relationships. Michael and Angie like to conduct this class as a discussion/workshop to encourage participants to share their experiences with each other, learn from each other and ask questions.

 Navigating Low Tides (The ebbs/flows in a M/s relationship)

As we sail along in the journey of our relationships, one day we may realize it’s been six months since we’ve felt the current of our dynamic. We may not be able to remember the last time we’ve had an evening of intimate protocol or even a simple night out! Masters and slaves, Dominants and submissives, we all can get stuck in low tides and it can be very tough to navigate the relationship out of them.

This class will cover:

  • What low/high tides are
  • How low tides can affect a relationship
  • Lessons learned in how to navigate through a low tide

Throughout the class, Master Michael and slave angie will share their own personal stories from eleven years together. It is their goal that by sharing and learning from each other, participants can begin to chart their own courses out of the low tides. Master Michael and slave angie like to conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions.

 Coping with Health Issues/Disabilities in a Master/slave Dynamic

A slave who loves to take care of her Master, her M/s, Leather and Kink communities with fervor and zest. A Master who explores life to the fullest whether on a motorcycle or hiking in the mountains and deserts or getting involved with the local leather clubs. When the onset of lupus became a life-changing event for the slave; when the Master realized that his lifelong struggles with communication and social interaction were a sign of Aspergers; both realized that their dynamic would take some interesting twists and turns.

The class will cover:

  • How health issues/disabilities can affect a dynamic
  • Some suggestions on keys for coping
  • Other considerations for taking care of parties involved in the dynamic long-term

Master Michael and slave angie will share their stories of how illnesses and disabilities have affected their M/s relationship and their ongoing discoveries in keeping their dynamic intact and growing. Michael and Angie like to conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions.

 Discovering Your Path – Spirituality in a Master/slave relationship

For many, the path of being Master or slave is a deeply spiritual one. For others, it is a door not yet opened. Regardless of where a person is at, the way they look at deeper issues within their hearts, minds and souls will influence, and be influenced by, their Master/slave dynamic. But what does that look like to each of us? How can we nurture our own journey, no matter where we are at on that path, through our M/s?

This class is an exploration of those questions and of:

  • Sharing of spiritual experiences
  • Exploring how those experiences have affected your M/s dynamic
  • Discussing how to begin that exploration if you haven’t already

Slave angie has always been an example of quiet spirituality in her life and through her service to Master Michael. In contrast, Master Michael has been looking at a closed door, but not realizing that he had already opened up other doors in his journey. While their spiritual journey alongside M/s is recently realized, Michael and Angie have their own experiences and lessons to share.

Michael and Angie will conduct this class as a guided discussion to encourage participants to share their experiences and ask questions. This class was inspired by a Spirituality class given by Master Morris/slave jonathan at Southwest Leather Conference 2014.

 Installing Slave 2.0 – Patching and upgrading your service

Is your service and surrender feeling a little slow, a little old, maybe not quite the new-shiny as when you first booted up your relationship? Are you feeling like perhaps it’s time to install some new routines or maybe patch up the slave operating system to get you running as fast as you used to, or even to have new capabilities?

Together, with slave angie, you’ll discuss the following:

  • How to know when it’s an upgrade or a cry for tech support (wanting more guidance)
  • Are you doing a full upgrade or just applying a patch to make it a bit better
  • Explore techniques on how to apply those patches and upgrades
  • What do you do when the program is not compatible? When Master’s subroutine causes a crash?

All the cute computer cliches aside, slave Angie will explore with the class on what it means to enhance, update and upgrade your service, whether you’re in a service-oriented relationship or you’re currently not in service. She’s been Master Michael’s slave for eleven years and there have quite a few changes, upgrades and even a crash or two. She’ll share her experiences and provide a place for slaves and submissive to share and grow.

301 Level Classes

Leadership Theories and Styles – Applications for Masters/Dominants

What is the basis of your authority? How do you inspire your slave or submissive to surrender to you? There are many classes and books about the hierarchical structure or the protocols in Power Dynamics relationships, but not as much on how Masters and Dominants exercise their authority, on the approaches they use or the models that they may base their leadership from.

In this class, Michael will survey the various models and theories that exist, discuss his own personal revelations and adoptions of various theories and practices, and open the discussion to others to share their experiences.  His goal is that participants will leave with a plan or path towards improving their leadership for personal growth and improving their dynamic. This class is geared towards Dominants and Masters, or those interested in that side of the relationship.

Other Offerings

Topics that we’ve presented on at events as discussions or panels:

  • Different Power Exchange relationships across gender identification/sexual orientation
  • How we integrate Leather and M/s
  • How slave angie and I have walked our M/s journey
  • US Leather culture and history
  • US Master/slave, MAsT culture and history

If you’re interested in any of our classes, or you have other suggestions or thoughts on how we can serve our Master/slave, kink and leather communities, please contact us using the form below.

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