What was M/s 365?

What was M/s 365?

You may be seeing posts with titles that start with “[M/s 365]” or the category “Master/slave 365” and wonder what that’s all about? Well, simply put, it was our project for 2014/2015 – during our title year as International Master/slave – sharing a year in the life of a Master/slave couple, one day at a time. One thought, or one huge post – maybe a thought, something we encountered together, something we discovered. Master/slave relationships take work, take time and take attention… and we want to share that with you. One day at a time. For a year.

How did this all start?

We posted about this back in Feb. 2014:

agendaAwhile back, I had the pleasure to speak to Leon MonkeyFetish (@Monkeyfetish on Twitter) about his “Rope 365″ project he had. His vision was to do a rope tie each day for 365 days in row and post them to his Twitter and Instagram feeds. He just completed that project in January. I had seen the posts and clicked on some of them, not being much of a rope guy, but I found the project concept interesting so I wanted to talk to him about it. It was a very interesting conversation, but what was interesting was to hear about how he looked at his rope work a bit differently now. (I’m reading between the lines here from his comments.) It looked like to me that he had become very mindful (and more skilled) in his rope work.

I’m not a stranger to blogging or to doing these sorts of projects, but it never occurred to me to do something like that as part of this blog. So, my slave and I discussed it (and still are discussing it) and we have come up with a rough plan of doing something similar, but from the perspective of what goes on in a Master/slave relationship for 365 days – what are our thoughts, our victories, our stumbles and our moments that reflect who we are? What if it’s 10 days in a row of “Life goes on, had sex, served Master” sort of thing? (Answer – I’m sure there will be some thought we can write about.)

However, the chance to be that mindful of our journey, in that we would record it, and share it, intrigues both slave angie and I to no end.

So, as crazy as it sounds, we’re going to give it a try. We’ve decided that the best day to do this will be the immediate day after the 2014 International Master/slave contest – win or lose – we begin to record what our lives are like in an M/s relationship. That means on March 9th, the first post will go up.

We don’t know if this will equate to a post a day, or we “batch” them together, especially if traveling – that’s probably something we’re going to have to account for (possibly by email submissions from the phone, if needs be).

We’re both a bit nervous about this, as this will be a far more intimate look into us than my ramblings on Facebook are, and slave angie has never been much of one to put a lot of herself online. How will it look and what will we discover on our journey after IM/s?

We’re all going to find out.

How can I see the M/s 365 posts?

Well, that’s where the “[M/s 365]” titles can help, or you can click on this link for the “Master/slave 365” category to see all the posts.

What happens after the year?

We’ll probably take a break! Haha… we’ve talked about possibly putting the posts into a book of some sort, depending on how well this project goes. It’s all an experiment with some goals. As of this writing, we’re 2 1/2 weeks into it, so ask us at about week 40.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us! Easiest way is through a comment here, or you can email us at intlms2014@gmail.com.

8 thoughts on “What was M/s 365?”

  1. What a great idea! Kudos to the both of you for having such drive, dedication, and creativity, and thank you for sharing a glimpse of your beautiful relationship with the rest of us.


  2. Forgive me if you have already answered these inquiries elsewhere on your blog, but I would love to know: How did you both first realize you were kinky, and what drew you to a 24/7 M/s relationship rather than a potentially less intense kink dynamic?


    1. That’s a great question! We have a couple of blog posts that talk about our relationship history and our kink history.. let me dig those up…


      That’s a really basic overview of how we started our M/s relationship. We both came into the relationship already kinky. I have been “out” and practicing in kink and learning/doing Power Dynamic relationships since 1995. She did it privately for a couple of years prior to us meeting, becoming friends and then starting a relationship in 2003.

      As to why we do M/s versus a less intense form of a power dynamic relationship, like D/s or just role playing… we’re edge players. We desired the intensity and we had the need to explore where this could go as far as we could take it.

      (Edited to add) And please don’t worry about asking questions… each time we answer, we have an opportunity to learn and share.

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      1. Exciting! Sexual autonomy is always admirable, especially when it is acted out in ways which are more easily misunderstood to people not in touch with their own kinks and quirks. And I greatly appreciate your open-mindedness and willingness to share.

        Another question to the both of you: Long before y’all met, when/how did you each first realize you were kinky?


      2. You’re welcome. We call it being authentic and honest with our desires and needs, and there is a great deal that is erotic, but also a great deal that just fits in how we choose to operate with each other and the type of life we want to have with each other.

        We’ve talked about that and for me, I’ve known since I was nine or ten and having fantasies about Egyptian Pharaohs with harems and then developing into some really dark fantasies involving Nazi Germany and Viking raids. My fantasies as a pre-teen were not for the faint-hearted, especially after finding my Dad’s stash of porn, a lot of which had S/m and D/s material. Old stuff, newsprint type of rags.

        Angie was much the same, finding “Story of O” and having those types of fantasies from a little older, but definitely pre-teen.

        I came “out” in 1995, after discovering that all my little dark and dirty fantasies were being discussed on an old Internet technology called “Usenet” – alt.sex.bondage turned me on to a whole new world.


      3. Fascinating! My inner sexuality geek does backflips any time someone has a vivid how-I-got-started story. Thanks for sharing!! Like the both of you, my kink started well before my adult years. After a friend introduced me to BDSM, it hit me that my kink actually started during pre-pubescence as well. I’m guessing I was around 8 or 10 (watching a kids’ cartoon show, no less) when I realized I was drawn to something other kids weren’t, even though I had no idea that it was a sexual attraction at the time. It’s funny how our sexual attractions pick us, rather than the other way around 🙂


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